Construction Process


This phase is the design and layout of your new pool once you have a permit. Things to consider would be yard elevations, existing landscape, existing electrical and plumbing lines, set backs from your house and any property and easement lines.


Once the layout is marked, the swimming pool is excavated or dug. The actual hole will be slightly larger than the finished dimensions of the pool in all directions to give room for the structural pool features.


A full latticework of 1/2" thick steel reinforcing bars are placed in a grid pattern upon the floor, walls, and features of the excavated area. Extra steel reinforcement is placed in the top 12" of pool wall, the pool slopes, and other features such as beach entries for added strength.


Our next phase is pre-plumbing of the pool. The design and layout of the plumbing is to ensure the maximum circulatory coverage of your pool. The plumbing is carefully routed through an interior pool wall. Our experience and attention to detail ensures your plumbing is routed and sound to eliminate any chance of a problem later. The plumbing is then routed to the pad or housing which will hold the equipment such as pumps, filters, heater, and other systems.


Gunite application is one of the most difficult concrete application jobs in the industry, and we work only with the most qualified and experienced gunite crews in the entire state. Care is taken to protect areas, and even more care is taken to ensure the final product exceeds standards and meets our high expectations for quality.

Plumbing Completion

With the gunite in place, the plumbing for your pool can now be completed. Fittings are finished out to the equipment area and final alignments are made and tested.

Equipment Set

In conjunction with the plumbing completion, the equipment for your pool is set. This can either be on a pad or other housing area. All of the plumbing is tied in and dressed carefully to be both aesthetically pleasing, functional, and accessible for any routine maintenance.

Masonry Work: Tile, Coping, Water Features

Our masonry and rock work are a testament to our eye for quality. With long-term durability as the key criteria, we'll work with you to design the appearance your wishing for. Proper rock works requires more than just a mason, it requires artists. Attention to detail and the artistry these crews put into their work are the icing on the cake that give your pool the unique beauty and durability our customers have come to expect from us. The bottom line is if it doesn’t look great, we will do it again until it does.


Form and function, durability, and ease of use are not forgotten when our electricians get to work. We aesthetically route the wiring and place the controls with their use and importance in mind.


At this stage the foundation of your deck is installed in preperation for the last stage - Final Decking - where the deck surfacing will be applied. If you have choosen pea gravel, we will install the peas for the top surface at this point, though they will be acid washed during the final decking stage.

Interior Surface

Much like the decking, there are many pool interior surfaces to choose from. Tile, pebble, stone, plaster and an array of colors and textures allow for the pool. These surfaces must resist a wide variety of chemicals, constant attacks from hard water scaling and the sun. We will thoroughly discuss the features, benefits and costs. Whatever your choice, we deliver that choice with the highest quality in materials and workmanship.

Final Decking

Tile deck, spray deck, pea gravel decks, pavers, stamped or colored concrete --- what is your preference? This is the most visible and occupied area of of your pool. It is also one of the most critical areas to invest properly as it needs to be both beautiful in appearance and must withstand extreme conditions - wet to dry, cold to hot, traffic, moving furniture, and of greater importance is to consider how the soil may shift or settle over time