Interior Surfacing

Interior Surfacing

Selecting the proper pool finish: Your spa or pool surface is an important decision to make, and there are many durable and beautiful pool finish options available - from standard white plaster to multi-colored composite and aggregate finishes, we'll help you choose the perfect finishing surface to suite your criterea. Selection of a pool or spa surface may seem similar to choosing the tile or flagstone masonry decking or trim, keep in mind that these finishes are constantly submerged in water, so the material needs to be capable of resisting constant contact with chemicals and minerals without deminishing the appearance, as well as be durable so the texture of the surface remains comfortable to the touch. 


Contemporary Plaster/Mercite: White plaster is the standard of pool and spa surface finishing, and there are several compositions and colors to choose from. Plaster remains one of the most popular choices of pool surfaces. It is a simple combination of white cement and aggregate which makes for an economical surface which provides a classic look and feel for any pool or spa. Easy to clean, appealing and smooth texture, white plaster is the most affordable pool finish.  


Pebbletec Brand Surfaces A PEBBLE TECĀ® pool finish is more durable than conventional plaster/marcite pool finishes, is uniquely attractive and offers greater flexibility of pool design. This naturally, non-slip textured pool surface is made with pebbles chosen from around the world for their color and smoothness. Mixed with a formula of additives, these pebbles bond to form a handsomely natural pool surface designed to hold its beauty over time. 


When designing or refinishing your pool or spa, Liquid Extreme Pools will help to ensure you understand all of the variations of finishes. We partner with two exceptional pool surfacing companies in the area, please visit their web sites for more details about thier products:

Pebble Tec



Express Pool Plastering